In the world of translation

Being new in the world of translationand interpretation, and as a human resources professional, impress me the amount of people, roles and trades that collaborate and work on a project to achieve a shared objective: to many people as possible understand a concept or idea. Following this idea, and to have passed the international translation day, I'd like to focus on the role played by linguists. There is no specific information about when it began this activity. No doubt evolved along with the growth of a population that spread in the villages and the need to communicate among themselves for thousands of years. Even in the era of Empires Aztec and Maya, who were United despite being formed by different tribes with their own dialects and well established religions, those who had the capacity to handle two or more of those dialects were considered important and fulfilled the role of mediators to communicate the main town with the surrounding villages. There is a large amount of histori…
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